Your Cosmic Guide To This Week: It’s Time To Get To Work

Time to get to work… 

If you hadn’t already noticed 2021’s tantalizingly exciting #5 vibes, this week the Universe is sounding a big ol’ Cosmic siren. 

And, oh boy, we hope you’re listening

You’re about to step into a week filled with excitement, spontaneity and possibility. Tomorrow, the Sun steps out of Capricorn’s serious shadow and into Aquarius’ warm embrace. 

If you’ve been hiding your light, Aquarius will give you the confidence to challenge the status quo.

Your newfound freedom will break the mold and help you attract abundance that would have previously slipped through your fingers.

But that’s not all…

This week’s surprises are compounded by some other celestial allies.

Mars’ conjunction with Uranus and square with Jupiter will supercharge your desire to go after the change you crave.

Put in the work during the week and by the weekend, a Venus-Neptune sextile will bring an entirely different and totally dreamy vibe.

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Monday (January 18th, 2021)

Today we start the week under an impulsive Aries Moon which could lead you to some reckless behavior, especially when it comes to other people. To keep you on track today and the rest of the week, our favorite Tarot Reader, Vannessa Williams is bringing you a reading which will help you understand how you need to work with others to not only survive but thrive. Some will need closeness and support and some will need to stay the hell away from others. Which one will you be?

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Tuesday (January 19th, 2021)

Welcome to Aquarius Season! Today marks the start of the Sun’s month-long move through the visionary, progressive and free-thinking sign of Aquarius. Ruled by the game-changing planet Uranus, Aquarius is visionary. It’s disruptive and edgy. It believes that there can be another way. And it’s not all bad to shake things up to find it.

Click here to find out how Aquarius Season will awaken your wild and free side.

Wednesday (January 20th, 2021)

Today, Mars conjuncts Uranus and your desire and enthusiasm to pursue new and exciting opportunities will be running hot. Uranus loves unpredictability and Mars loves forward motion, so combined, they are a powerful force in creating an exciting new future; when unexpected opportunities arise, you’ll likely be able to pounce on them with vigor. But with Mars at the helm, there is always the potential for volatility.

Click here to discover how to handle the volatile energy of this transit to ignite success (instead of frustration).

Thursday (January 21st , 2021)

With some Cosmic relief, today presents relatively settled skies. That’s good news though, you’ll still be feeling the effects of yesterday’s Mars-Uranus Conjunction. Luckily though, today the Moon moves into Taurus and we’re under the influence of number 9. Essentially, this means you’ll be able to apply some common sense and be able to identify things you need to bring to a close before you can actually put new things into motion.

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Friday (January 22nd, 2021)

Last week, we experienced a 567 day, and today we’re basking in the energy of another consecutive number day; 456. Today is a #4 day, in a 5 Universal Year, in a #6 Universal Month. With all the energy surrounding new beginnings and fresh opportunities, today’s number code is 100% needed right now. This number appears to help you stay true to yourself while chasing your dreams.

Click here to find out how today’s #456 energy will help you be authentic while following a new path.

Saturday (January 23rd, 2021)

If you’re feeling inspired and enthusiastic about a new project or business idea, then you can thank today’s Mars-Jupiter square. But in spite of that, there’s another astro-event giving you a much-needed break from all the opportunity-hunting you’ve been doing this week. Today’s Venus-Neptune sextile sends you into the weekend seeking soft, dreamy sexiness!

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Sunday (January 24th, 2021)

Today is the second 6/6 Power Day of January 2021, meaning if you missed it the first time, you’ve got a second chance! The number 6 brings forth ample amounts of healing, harmony, and metaphorical blooming to all aspects of life (both at home and at work). And praise be – healing, growth, and harmony are exactly what all need right now.

Click here to discover how to use today’s 6/6 day for deep healing.


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