Why Are Aries So Selfish?

Aries zodiac signs are the first sign in the zodiac and people born between March 21 – April 19 are proud to be Rams.

Aries is about springtime and fresh starts. They love to move and get things done.

Why are Aries so selfish?

People think that Aries are selfish because they aren’t afraid to say how they feel or go for what they want in life.

On the positive side, lively Aries can be super fun to be around, but this independent fire sign can rub you the wrong way when their competitive side comes out.

Aries are ruled by Mars, the planet of war whose astrological symbol is a set of horns.

And, as a Mars-ruled fire sign, they will hit you with their horns just to move you out of their way, especially if you present yourself as an obstacle to their path.

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Yes, even their sweet side comes across as selfish to zodiac signs who misunderstand them.

Although they are charming, that is due to their natural strength and charisma, working with others can be very difficult for them.

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