Where To Find The Moon, July 2020 – August 2020

Feel the Moon’s energy.

It is important to know where the Moon is and how it transits because it can have a profound impact on you and your zodiac sign.

Where is the Moon located today?

First off, the Moon is a significant part of astrology, and it changes zodiac signs every 28.5 days.

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The Moon, according to astrology, represents your feelings, emotions, vulnerabilities, and your maternal side.

For example, everyone has a Sun sign which is your primary zodiac sign but you also have a Moon sign.

Your Sun sign or zodiac sign helps you understand your personality and the traits you have that make you unique.

Your Moon sign helps you understand how you process and express your feelings.

It is closely linked to your deeper emotions and the parts of you that are more hidden.

Since the Moon has a lot to do with feelings, you can also feel more emotional because of the Moon in the sky.

For Example, your emotions might be heightened during a Full Moon.

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