What Makes A Gemini Happy?

Geminis are funny, talkative, and outgoing. They are the Twins of the zodiac, and their sign rules community, transportation, and (good) conversation.

So, What Makes A Gemini Happy?

It’s not too hard to make a Gemini happy. Gemini’s tend to be enthusiastic and seek excitement and happiness in their lives.

If you get a Gemini to think, they love it. So, playful banter, a spontaneous trip out of town or hanging out with friends all bring a smile to a Gemini’s face.

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Gemini is also smart because they don’t care what other people think of them and they can let themselves be happy because they aren’t too hard on themselves.

Geminis can become happy even about small things like getting a new plant, seeing a puppy on the street, and pouring sweet honey in their tea.

Of course, Geminis get angry or sad sometimes and that’s normal, but what helps them stay so positive all the time is addressing their issues and problems and getting over it fast.

If they are upset about something, they usually have a little cry sesh, they will feel instantly happier than before.

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