What Is A Black Moon? Definitions, Spiritual Meanings & Why You Can’t See It

Most people have heard of blue moons, but have you ever heard of a black moon?

Black moons tend to get less attention, despite their equal importance. A black moon is also often a supermoon, which means that it is the second full moon of a calendar month and thus the closest to the Sun.

The theme of the black moon is largely determined by the quality of the sign, but it can also occur at any time of the year.

What is a black moon?

A black moon is when there is an additional new moon occurring in a month or season, which happens roughly every 29 months. Black moons can also occur when there are three new moons in a season that should only have four new moons, happening once every 33 months.

In addition, a black moon occurs when there is no new moon in February, occurring every 19 years. As a result, January and March have two new moons.

Black moons can also happen when there is no full moon in February, and, as such, January and March have two full moons, or a double blue moon.

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