Venus In Sagittarius December 2020: Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope

Relationships and romance take a turn for the better with Venus in Sagittarius, occurring on December 15th.

Venus is the planet that governs love, romance, relationships, finances, and all those aspects of life that make us feel good. While she is known for bringing changes to our relationships, she is also the planet that helps us make the choice to engage, leaving behind the struggles we get caught up in.

This planet spent the past month in Scorpio, asking us to dive deep, and reflect on our feelings, our emotions and the truth of what we want. But while each transit of Venus is necessary, and Scorpio is great at helping us realize our true feelings, it’s not great when it comes to acting on it.

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Here enters Venus in Sagittarius. 

What does Venus in Sagittarius mean?

Sometimes, Sagittarius is superficially seen as noncommittal and needing freedom; however, this sign usually will only spread their wings to fly once they feel a strong and stable relationship that gives them roots.

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