The Most Compatible Signs In Astrology: Top 6 Zodiac Pairs

Sometimes, two people who seem perfect for each other aren’t able to make their relationship work long-term, even though what would typically be expected of their respective zodiac signs seems like it should indicate otherwise. And at other times, opposites do attract, with the least likely zodiac matches ending up the happiest.

But in general it is possible to identify pairs of what can be expected to be the most compatible signs in astrology.

For example, Cancers and Libras tend to be compatible even though they aren’t usually pinned as soulmates. Even though Cancer is known to be emotional and Libra is known for craving balance, it’s their shared emotionality that connects them in a way that other people can’t understand.

And Leos and Sagittarians, both strong-willed and independent, balance each other divinely in a relationship, even though it could be argued that they are often too set in their ways to compromise.

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In the end, it’s impossible to state definitively which zodiac signs will work together and which won’t. There will always be exceptions, and no two couples are exactly the same (even if their signs align!).

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