Sun In Aquarius Season Love Horoscope Starting January 19, 2021

The Sun in Aquarius season is here and it lasts from January 19 until February 20, 2021.

As the Sun crosses over into the independent and curious sign it sparks a new wave of energy that will help carry us into exactly what it is, and how we’re meant to experience it.

How will the Sun in Aquarius season affect your love horoscope starting January 19?

The Sun is seen as the planetary body that rules our identity, our core self, and even at times our ego.

It’s how we’re seen by others even if we don’t necessarily align or agree with how we’re perceived but it’s also a mirror to help us live more authentically.

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As the Sun transits the air sign of Aquarius it’s a time of immense power for all of us regardless of what zodiac sign you have.

This is because we’ve just officially begun the new Age of Aquarius at the end of December as we celebrated and welcomed the great conjunction.

We truly are in a year that is ruled and dominated by air energy which is expansive and big.

There is no more playing small for any of us.

This is the year of coming out, of making decisions, and moving ahead.

But for most of us, we weren’t necessarily able to as the clock struck twelve on January 1, especially as we were still moving through Capricorn Season which had a different vibe this year as so many planets moved out of that strict earth sign.

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