Mayan Astrology: Zodiac Signs & Horoscopes For 2021

What’s your zodiac sign? If you were to look yours up using Mayan astrology, you may be surprised that it’s nothing like what you’re used to.

While most of us are familiar with Western Astrology and the zodiac signs associated with it, we often are unaware that various cultures around the world, like the Mayans, had their own system for diving up the year into specific spiritual signs.

The Mayans were located in Central America and their majestic temples are still located across Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize which can be visited.

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Although the Mayan culture is well-known for their ritualistic human sacrifices, they also practiced an intense form of astrology which begins with their own unique calendar called a Haab.

The Mayan empire peaked in 600 A.D., and during this time they developed a complex and divine connection to the earth and stars around them resulting in the creation of Mayan astrology.

Mayan Astrology and the Haab Calendar

Within this Meso-American culture, the Haab Calendar was created to document the change of seasons, months, and years.

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