Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn & New Moon in Cancer


​Another month, another eclipse! Our third lunar eclipse for 2020 is the last eclipse in Capricorn in July. We’ll also experience a new moon in Cancer, the second Cancer Moon in a row.

What is a new moon?

A new moon occurs when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon are in the exact same position in the Zodiac (called a conjunction). New moons are related to beginnings, have high energy, and are enthusiastic. 

What is a lunar eclipse?

A full moon occurs when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon are in the exact opposite positions in the Zodiac (called an opposition). Full moons are related to endings, culminations, and are emotional energy. Lunar eclipses occur with full moons that are within 18 1/2 degrees of the Lunar Nodes (the points in the Moon’s orbit where the Moon crosses the ecliptic). 

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: July 5th 2020 (12:44AM ET/July 4th 2020 9:44PM PT)

This lunar eclipse comes early in July in the sign of Capricorn, and this is the final Capricorn eclipse for some years. We’ve had these Cancer and Capricorn eclipses for a couple of years now, and we’re closing the books, ending chapters, and wrapping things up now. There may be a sense of big things coming to an end, and this may be the culmination of something that started 1 1/2 – 2 years ago. 

With this Capricorn energy, we may see big goals realized, or final failures for things that have been done wrong. We may reach heights in some ways, or we may get kicked down and stay down. It all depends on how responsible, ethical, and disciplined we’ve been (Capricorn’s way).

Capricorn rules our governments and countries at large, so there may be extra emotional focus on the way they’ve been acting during this time. Judgments can be cast, and we can be pretty definitive, and go forward with those judgments in place.

I also want to note that this eclipse comes just a few days after Saturn retrogrades back to Capricorn, and is anaretic (at 29 degrees, the anaretic degree, and a point of crisis energy). So there may be some highly critical, intense energy floating around with this eclipse, and it may be focused on governments, corporations, countries, big entities. We have to be extra responsible, disciplined, and ethical to make it through alright. Otherwise it may be rough!

This eclipse makes one aspect, a trine (positive aspect, 4 signs away) to Uranus in Taurus. This is a helpful aspect, and it can get us thinking about the future, moving forward, and most importantly, what needs to change. What has been likely will not be, and we can think outside of the box with the changes we make. We can put the finishing touches on some changes, and become more passionate about others. We may care more about the world as a whole, humankind as a whole, and want to move forward together. The new normal can start to take shape and be embraced.

This eclipse occurs at 13 degrees 38 minutes Capricorn. The aspects made to this eclipse are:
Conjunction: 8 degrees 38 minutes – 18 degrees 38 minutes Capricorn
Semisextile: 11 degrees 38 minutes – 15 degrees 38 minutes Sagittarius or Aquarius
Sextile: 8 degrees 38 minutes – 18 degrees 38 minutes Scorpio or Pisces
Trine: 8 degrees 38 minutes – 18 degrees 38 minutes Taurus or Virgo
Quincunx: 11 degrees 38 minutes – 15 degrees 38 minutes Gemini or Leo
Opposition: 8 degrees 38 minutes – 18 degrees 38 minutes Cancer

New Moon in Cancer: July 20th 2020 (1:33PM ET/10:33AM PT)

We get out of eclipse season with a new moon in Cancer, except, it’s not really getting us out of eclipse season just yet! Because the solar eclipse in June is also in Cancer, so we have two new moons in a row in this sign. Consecutive Moons in the same sign tie together in some way, so this new moon likely ties into the June solar eclipse. What is stirred up by the June solar eclipse can see progress, culminations, or new opportunities presented with the new moon in July. This new moon can act as a bookend in some way. 

We can try to be more positive emotionally, and want to secure ourselves internally. We can work on strengthening foundations, and start new ventures from the ground up. We can move forward more swiftly and securely if we’re emotionally stable and supported. And we can come together emotionally to focus on a common cause or goal.

This new moon makes one aspect, opposing Saturn in Capricorn, who is retrograde. Saturn just went back into Capricorn July 1st, so it’s fresh at this new moon. Saturn seems to tie into both the lunar eclipse and the new moon, so all eyes on Saturn in July! This opposition may bring about some tension with the way we’re coming out of eclipse season and dealing with the endings, the culminations, the judgments, and the new normal we have to embrace. 

This new moon occurs at 28 degrees 27 minutes Cancer. The major aspects made to this new moon are:
Conjunction: 26 degrees 27 minutes – 29 degrees 59 minutes Cancer
Sextile: 26 degrees 27 minutes – 29 degrees 59 minutes Taurus or Virgo
Square: 26 degrees 27 minutes – 29 degrees 59 minutes Aries or Libra
Trine: 26 degrees 27 minutes – 29 degrees 59 minutes Scorpio or Pisces
Opposition: 26 degrees 27 minutes – 29 degrees 59 minutes Capricorn

Note that since this new moon is so late in Cancer, there may be some out-of-sign aspects that are felt. They’ll only be with planets at 0 degrees of Leo (conjunct), Gemini or Libra (sextile), Taurus or Scorpio (square), Aries or Sagittarius (trine), and Aquarius (opposite) – and even then, it may be minor and subtle.

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