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If you’re dating a Leo and feel a spark, you might wonder if you’ve finally met your soulmate.

People born under the Leo Sun sign, between the dates of July 23 to August 22, tend to be highly charismatic and different from anyone else. Leo is an expressive, proud, and fierce zodiac sign — one you aren’t likely to forget!

Leo is typically most compatible with other fire signs, but an earth, water or air sign can also be a great match for a Leo.

And of course, it’s important to remember that your Sun sign is only one placement on your natal chart. When determining love compatibility, your Venus sign is a particularly important aspect to consider.

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Represented by the lion, Leo inspires us to lead with our hearts and fiercely protect the ones we love.

Leo is most comfortable at the head of the pack and is comfortable setting the pace for others. It is common for other zodiac signs to look up to Leo for direction and advice, and this zodiac sign thrives best in this role.

Of course, like any zodiac sign, there are times when Leo’s worst traits are brought out — like being arrogant, dramatic, and aggressive — but these negative traits teach us just as much about Leo as the positive traits.

Even though there are times when Leo can get swept away in personal dramatics or let constantly being on top get to his head, there’s always a lesson in these moments that Leo is willing to learn. Leo wants to be a better person.

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