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Born between May 22-June 21, Gemini zodiac signs are the flirts of astrology. When you meet someone who is charming and easy to talk to, you’re probably chatting with a Gemini.

How does Gemini flirt?

Geminis can be quite the charmers. They love to make others feel special, especially when their feelings are involved.

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Geminis might flirt with you even if you’re just friends. What makes Gemini so flirty?

Some people are put-off by Geminis thinking that they’re two-faced because of their symbol of the twins, but they are just adaptable and have many sides to their personalities.

Geminis are born during the month that approaches the summer solstice.

They receive a lot of sun energy creating strong personalities.

Which planet makes them flirtier than others?

Their ruling planet, Mercury, makes them strong communicators which calibrates their intense energy to fit the situation they’re in and the people they’re with.

Their combination of qualities makes Geminis expert flirts; Geminis want to make new connections and they’re very good at doing so.

If someone comes on strong or puts on the charm, you might wonder “Are those twins in that natal chart”, or are they just happy to see me?

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