Gemini Man Leo Woman Love Compatibility

When we think of Gemini, we think of indecision, insincerity and snobbery. So, how could such a personality even think to approach a Leo woman?

If a Gemini man and Leo woman get together, and there are signs of success, they should stick to each other like glue and never let go. No one is going to be better than this pair.

Are Gemini and Leo a good match?

They just happen to be a very good match, which is surprising because both zodiac signs are known for their egomania and arrogance. Still, they seem to meet on a common level.

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What does a Gemini man like about a Leo woman?

He likes that she puts up with him and asks very little questions. He likes that she’s daring and will do what he won’t do. He likes that she’s brave and is ready to challenge him at any given time.

Why are Geminis so attracted to Leo?

Leo will do what Gemini won’t do, and that inspires Gemini to actually act upon their impulses. Simply put, Leo is brash and nervy enough to inspire the same kind of behavior in Gemini.

What does a Gemini man want in a Leo woman?

The Gemini man wants to get away with things, and she will let him get away with everything. It’s because she’s much more interested in her own life story and personal behavior. He wants her to teach him the ways of intimacy and love.

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