Friendship Compatibility: Best Friends For Each Zodiac Sign

Isn’t it funny how when we think of zodiac compatibility, we’re usually referring to romantic connections? Yet, when those relationships fail, it’s our friends we lean on for support.

Maybe it’s time we focus on zodiac friendship compatibility and show some love to our true soulmates who pick up the pieces when other signs break our hearts. 

Finding a compatible friend using insights from astrology is just as important and finding a romantic partner, because friendships enrich our lives in ways that not even your true love can. We all need people we can turn to for fun, support and advice.

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Though we don’t think of friendships as something we pursue or seek out in the same way that we search for romance, taking the time to find a true best friend is a worthwhile process.

Zodiac Friendship Compatibility For Each Sign

Using astrology as a guide, it’s clear that you need to treasure and appreciate your best friend. Not everyone is lucky enough to have one.

Here’s a breakdown of each Sun sign and what other zodiac signs they have successful friendships with.

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