Born on a New Moon, Full Moon, or Eclipse


​There’s a special connection between the Sun and Moon. The Sun rules our true selves in the natal chart, and shines a big light in transit, while the Moon rules our emotional selves in the natal chart, and brings emotional focus in transit. They make aspects to one another, and certain ones are part of the lunation cycle you’ve surely heard of. New moons and full moons are a part of that. But what does it mean if you were born on a new or full moon?

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What are new and full moons, and eclipses?

A new moon occurs when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon come together at the exact same position. A full moon occurs when the transit Sun and Moon exactly oppose one another. 

Eclipses occur with a new or full moon that is within 18 1/2 degrees of the Lunar Nodes (the points in the Moon’s orbit where the Moon crosses the ecliptic). Solar eclipses occur with new moons and lunar eclipses occur with full moons. They occur roughly every 6 months. 

Born on a New Moon:

When you were born on a new moon, that puts your Sun and Moon together. First, this means your true self and emotional self are pretty aligned, and there’s less of a difference between the two. Hopefully that means you’re a lot less confusing than the rest of us!

Second, this is a little bit of a lucky position. You tend to have a clearer view of yourself and an easier time focusing on what you want. You may also seem more buoyant in personality since the Sun lights you up and helps you shine. You can get attention more easily than most.

On the downside, there can be some challenges with controlling emotions when they spiral thanks to the Moon, and you may be moody. But on the positive side, you can also be very flexible, and go with the ebbs and flows.

Born on a Full Moon:

When you were born on a full moon, this can make you a very dynamic person. Your Sun and Moon are opposing, so you can seem to volley between them. Others may find you baffling sometimes!

The hardest part is, in fact, the way others view you. People can be intimidated by you pretty easily, and they may interpret what you say or do in ways you don’t intend (or never even thought of!). You’re not everyone’s cup of tea, and that can be really frustrating to you.

The opposition can make for some self-esteem issues, and this can make you really desperate for approval, so people not getting you can get under your skin. You have to work on being comfortable with yourself and not looking externally for validation. Accept that not everyone will be a fan of yours. The ones that are will be super fans!

Born on an Eclipse:

If you were born on an eclipse, well pump up that new or full moon energy times 100! Eclipse folks tend to have very strong personalities, and some can be like a savant, an innovator, a spark of life. 

You can be in tune with changing times and the masses, and this can be a good thing AND a bad thing. It can be used as an asset, and many do make use of it in some way professionally. But, it can also make you sensitive to what society is going through, and you may need to learn how to guard yourself.

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