Black Moon Lilith in Taurus: October 2020


​Black Moon Lilith is on the move! Lilith is going to leave Aries and enter earthy Taurus on October 21st. What can we expect with Black Moon Lilith in Taurus

What is Black Moon Lilith?

First, let’s review what Black Moon Lilith is. It’s the apogee, or highest point, of the Moon, or the farthest point away the Moon is from Earth in the Moon’s orbit. 

Black Moon Lilith has two positions, Mean and True/Oscillating. The movement of Lilith is suuuper wonky, so the True/Oscillating is the exact position while the Mean is the averaged out position. You can assess both in the natal chart (thought True/Oscillating tends to have more weight for most of us). 

For transits, Mean Lilith is much easier to follow. The standard ephemeris on includes Mean Black Moon Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith shows where we speak out, stand up, and hold firm. Lilith was Adam’s first wife, and she stood up for herself to Adam in the Garden of Eden, even when it meant getting thrown out! Lilith knew her power and worth, being equal to Adam. 

Transit Black Moon Lilith can bring this out in all of us in general with the sign it’s touring and aspects it makes to the other planets (and personally in the natal house is tours for you and aspects it makes to your natal chart).

Black Moon Lilith in Taurus Dates:

  • starts October 21st 2020
  • ends July 18th 2021

Impact of Black Moon Lilith in Taurus:

Taurus is the earthiest of signs, and this helps to ground Black Moon Lilith. In Aries, Lilith is assertive and loud, but Black Moon Lilith in Taurus wants to take a step back, press pause, and make sure of its positions first before doing anything.

It may take longer to take a stand with Black Moon Lilith in Taurus, but once we do, we can stay with it no matter what. We can almost be stubborn about it! But we firmly believe in it. We may not be as loud as Lilith in Aries, but we can be more forceful.

In mythology, Lilith was made from the Earth, same as Adam. With Taurus being a super Earth sign, Black Moon Lilith in Taurus can bring out that earthy quality. We may be more sensual, and mystical energy can be of the earthy sort. It’d be a good time for rituals and spells that involve the Earth. This can also bring out more concern for the Earth, and we may focus more on trying to do better in our treatment of it.

Conjunctions by Black Moon Lilith in Taurus:

I’ve noticed a theme with Black Moon Lilith in transit – the conjunctions to other planets are suuuper important! While in Taurus, Black Moon Lilith will make 5 conjunctions. They are:

  • Uranus on December 22nd 2020 @ 6 degrees: This is likely the most important conjunction Black Moon Lilith in Taurus will make. Uranus is the planet of the sudden and unexpected, so we can watch for some sudden, unexpected developments around this time. It can also show the masses getting together for some cause (Uranus rules groups), or a scientific development around this time (Uranus is one of the science rulers). 
  • Mars on January 29th 2021 @ 11 degrees: This energizes with Mars being the planet of energy and drive, and we can feel more driven to stand up. This is also the third conjunction between these two in about 6 months since it also occurred with Mars in Aries twice, so this aspect may signal a wrap-up in some way, a culmination, but it may be one that leads to a whole new outlook, new opportunity, new phase, or new growth.
  • Mercury on April 29th @ 21 degrees | Venus on May 2nd 2021 @ 21 degrees | Sun on May 13th 2021 @ 22 degrees: This is basically a little stellium with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus that is conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Taurus. Stelliums are concentrated energy, so we may be extra concentrated on something around this time. Our energy may be focused intently to accomplish something of importance.

Final Notes:

The last time Black Moon Lilith was in Taurus was December 2011 to September 2012, so you can look back to that period to get an idea of how it may influence you this time around. What were you worked up about then? What causes, beliefs, or positions were your focus at that time?

Special note if you have natal Black Moon Lilith in Taurus: You’re experiencing your Black Moon Lilith Return! Lilith will conjunct your natal Lilith, and bring Lilith home. You may be more aware of blocks or issues around being able to stand up, speak out, or defend yourself, and you may be required to do those things in a way that stands out for you. As you do, you can embrace more of your natural inner Lilith.

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