Be a Rebel WITH a Cause — With Uranus

In your natal chart, Uranus can show the causes that you champion most. We often care about a lot of different causes, but it’s impossible to take up all of them (we’re only human). Uranus can show where we end up focusing. This will usually be by house (since Uranus spends a long time in one sign, but it can be by sign as well).

Since Uranus rules the unconventional, what’s different about us, this planet also rules rebellion. So the causes we champion with Uranus can be causes that we’re willing to be the rebel for. We can be less afraid of violating social norms. Uranus wants us to challenge them!

Transit Uranus might bring this out for you temporarily. Uranus goes through one of your natal houses for about 6-10 years (depending on the size of the house). You may become focused on the causes related to that house for that period of time.

You can be more open with the causes you pursue with Uranus in the 1st or 11th house, conjunct (aligned with) or positively aspecting your Sun, Moon, Mercury, 1st house ruler, or Lunar Nodes, or with an especially elevated Uranus (like a singleton, anaretic, or conjunct an angle).

You may be quieter with the causes you pursue with Uranus in the 12th house, conjunct the 12th house ruler, or if Uranus is particularly challenged (like intercepted, square your Lunar Nodes, or conjunct Chiron [which may show some wounds you need to work through first, but can eventually make you very good at standing up for others who need it]).

And take special note if your natal Uranus is aspecting your natal Black Moon Lilith (which loves to take a stand) – then you may be a super rebel who loves to fight for a cause! (transit Uranus to your natal Black Moon Lilith or transit Black Moon Lilith to your natal Uranus may also bring this out, but temporarily)

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