85 Famous Celebrities & Their Zodiac Sign Personality Traits, Per Astrology

Who knows? Maybe you have star potential, too!

Have you ever felt an odd connection to a celebrity and wondered why?

Well, maybe it’s because you share the same astrological zodiac sign and are connected on some cosmic level that you’re unaware of.

Perhaps you’ve seen a recent news story about how a celebrity handled a scandal and thought, “Wow. I’d handle that situation exactly the same way!” or merely seen a celebrity wearing something extremely close to your sense of style gave you a sense of connection.

Perhaps these things aren’t mere coincidences. Maybe you’re actually connected to some of these celebrities by horoscope traits and synergy! According to astrology, we are all connected in the universe, some just closer than others.

Science has affirmed that all humans are all made up of stardust, so why not Hollywood star dust? We can dream, right?

Our personalities, to some degree or another, are actually written in the stars (See what I did there? Astrology puns are fun).

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