3 Aquarius Full Moon Rituals For A Spiritual Awakening, According To Astrology

Honor this Moon, and yourself.

It’s hard to ignore a Full Moon, especially during the summertime, when we can get out and actually experience the visuals. Still, the Full Moon has an effect on us whether we’re dancing in the moonlight or sitting at home.

What we have now, on the night of August 3, 2020, is the Full Moon in Aquarius. That means it’s going to be an emotional wallop of a time for all of us.

Aquarius is the sign that rules our emotions, most especially fear, anger and jealousy. As the Moon rises and comes into her power, we humans here down on earth will feel a tad more sensitive, even weepy, than we usually are.

Because this Full Moon in Aquarius rules our calves, ankles, shins, forearms and thyroid, it would be best to avoid doing things like Pilates, or having surgery during this time. Exercise should be limited during this lunar influence.

Here are a few helpful Full Moon rituals you can do — to both honor the Moon and your own self.

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